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Aurin and Miraculum

Aurin and Miraculum Foundation

The Aurin and Miraculum Foundation was formed in August 2015. The main goal of the foundation is to support the musical and choral activities of the Miraculum Children’s Choir, the Aurin Girls’ Choir and the Aurin Female Choir of Kecskemét, and to organize local, regional and international cultural events to improve communities through musical events and programmes.

Chair of the Board: Durányik László

Board members: Katalin Ihászi, Edit Pálinkás, Judit Török, Csilla Magyar, Zsófia Kissné Lázár

VAT number: 18652286-1-03

Bank name: OTP Bank 
IBAN: HU28 1173 2002 2354 5777 0000 0000


As a foundation, we welcome support and donations from both individuals and companies, which we use for the operation of the choirs, and for the costs of their participation in international choir festivals and competitions in Hungary.
If you would like to provide assistance as a company support, please contact the staff of our foundation at the following contact details:
Edit Pálinkás

As an individual, you can support the work of our choirs on the following site: