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Aurin Mixed Choir

The history of the Miraculum-Aurin choir family began more than 20 years ago when our conductor, László Durányik, arrived at the Kodály School in Kecskemét. Thanks to his enthusiastic pedagogical methods and his fascinating personality, the choir life has been revitalized, raising the level of compulsory choir rehearsals to a much higher level. The miracle of the Miraculum lies not only in its high quality but also in its community-building power: our common goals, our common successes, our time spent rehearsing, acting, traveling have made us very forged, and close – even lifelong – friendships have been formed.

It is almost a necessity that at singing and music schools there is a much higher proportion of girls than boys. It was no different in the choir, there were always fewer boys, and yet – or for that reason – the Miraculums boys were highly respected members of both the choir and the community. With the founding of the Aurin Girls’ Choir, the girls were given the opportunity to continue, but with the completion of elementary school, our paths to singing in choir got parted from the boys. In a sense, however, many of them stayed with us: they became our constant audience, listening to our concerts for many, many years in the audience.

The years have passed, and a new choir has been set up at Kodály School for the high school students: the Somnium Laude Chamber Choir has had an opportunity for boys, and the Aurin Female Choir has become an adult part of the choir family. With the boys growing out of the chamber choir, the number of men trained in the audience – educated by the Kodály method – increased, and as a result of personal conversations, they also missed the stage and would be happy to sing again in the choir. So, by fall of 2017, the decision was made: our male friends, former classmates, schoolmates joined the Aurin Female Choir and the Aurin Mixed Choir was formed.

Thanks to the same music education, the Mixed Choir was able to fit into the Miraculum-Aurin choir family very soon, and it became an exciting, fresh, new sound in our concerts with the usual high quality. The Aurin Female Choir is based on the girls’ past, and the two choirs are connected in both qualifications and repertoire, but the Aurin Mixed Choir gives everyone the opportunity to join, and we welcome all qualified singers who are eager to sing, who joined us at one of the concerts.