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Aurin and Miraculum

The aims of the Aurin and Miraculum Foundation

The Foundation aims to cultivate and disseminate classical music culture, especially choral music by supporting the activities of the Miraculum Children’s Choir, the Aurin Girls’ Choir and the Aurin Female Choir, and by organizing local, regional and international cultural events to improve communities through musical events and programmes.

On the basis of the activities of these choirs the Foundation aims to familiarize citizens with the values and the power of music, particularly the rich and diverse Hungarian choral literature.

The Foundation aims to provide support by occasional charity concerts.

The Foundation supports the work of the Aurin and Miraculum choirs, takes part in the musical training of the choir members, facilitates the development of their singing abilities, creates financial aid for talented choir members, provides local and international choral events, and releases a wide variety of music recordings.

The Foundation aims to co-operate with musical, artistic, cultural or any other type of national and international organizations, institutions deal with similar goals and ideas.


Scope of activities

The mission of the Foundation is to

– ensure the musical activities of the Miraculum Children’s Choir, the Aurin Girls’ Choir and the Aurin Female Choir, along with the additional organizational and promotional activities and proposals,

– organize and realize domestic and international music events, concerts, choir meetings, festivals and conferences; scientific research and development,

– promote musical life, choral culture, and of course the Aurin and Miraculum choirs with related publications,

– create and publish music, audio and video recordings,

– provide music education, training and skill development,

– support choir members’ outstanding performances,

– update the Aurin and Miraculum choir’s website, supervising maintenance.

– create marketing strategies for the development of choral culture and musical life, including the Aurin and Miraculum choirs’ image and reputation; marketing consulting,

– search for joint programmes in music, art and culture to cooperate with national and international organizations and institutions.